Eighth generation of the Mazda Protege.

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I have an error code P0300.

when a press on the gas sometimes it does not speed up as supposed, on the contrary it perform as it is something obstructing the gas injection, the engine shakes and moves forward very slowly, after few metters it goes back to normal. Any idea??

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Possible causes are: Camshaft Position (CMP) sensor malfunction.

Crankshaft Postion (CKP) sensor malfunction.

EGR system malfunction.

Excessive air leak in intake-air system between Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor and dynamic chamber.

Fuel line leak.

Fuel pressure regulator malfunction.

Fuel pump malfunction.

Ignition coil malfunction.

MAF sensor malfunction.

PCV valve malfunction.

Plugged or restricted fuel filter.

Plugged or restricted fuel line.

Poor connection or wiring problems.

Poor fuel quality.

Purge solenoid valve malfunction.

Secondary ignition system malfunction.

Vacuum hoses damaged or improperly connected.

Most common cause is that the coil packs are starting to go, they only mis-fire the engine cylinders sometimes.

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