MacBook Pro models with 13" displays

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It starts overheating after 15 minutes of use

I have macbook pro 13 it starts overheating after 15 minutes of use early in the morning ,I have placed it above a cooling pad even then the fan rpm shows 6240 what should i do I am from INDIA I have replaced the hard disc twice should i go in for the current version please advice thank you Narayan lakshmanan INDIA

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i need your guidance in replacing the thermal paste and the procedure to strip it


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Cooling pad is worthless because apple trash have no bottom ventilation. You could have an industrial fan pointing at the bottom of the machine and you won't lower its temperature half a degree.

Some time ago Apple decided every other laptop vendor in the world is doing it wrong by having ventilation holes on their laptop for intake. Apple decided to seal in all the hot air around tiny, ineffective fans that collect more dust than air. It results in a laptop that overheats after a few years of use; often less.

Replace trash thermal paste with Tuniq tx-4, and remove dust. There's going to be a ton of it, I assure you, they enjoy collecting it. This aint a Thinkpad!!!

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