Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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Replaced battery, now iPhone won't turn on. Should I replace screen?

Hello there.

My phone's screen had been sticking out for a while, but I ignored it for lack of time and money. Next thing I know, I press the home button, screen turns on, then I see a few lines for a sec or two and it's off. I tried to turn it on again, but only the back light would turn on. ( I know this since the screen was separated and I could see the light through the crack)

After a few times, the back light stopped turning on. (Phone was completely dead I figured.)

I assumed it was a swollen battery. I ordered one, opened up my phone to find a

"puffy" battery pack inside. I replaced it.

Although I am a tech savvy person, I would like to inform you that this is the first time I ever see the inside of an iPhone and attempt a repair it myself. I followed the instructions to the T.

I thought this was going to be the end of it, but the phone still won't turn on.

When I plug it into my computer(Win) I hear the sound of connection. File managers(Windows File Explorer not included) see the files but I can't take them out.

Went into recovery mode and using iTunes, I was able to update to the latest iOS.

iPhone still won't turn on.

Should I replace the screen? Or is there another way to get my files?

UPDATE: The back light is working, and responds they way it is expected to when pressing the home button and the power button. No delays in the reactions and if I hold the power button and slide where the slider is supposed to be, the phone turns off.

Thank you for your time and any and all help you are able to provide me.


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If you want your iPhone to work, and want to be able to see what's on the screen to copy files, you'll need a new screen indeed. Here's the guide that tells you how to do it; also has links to the needed parts and tools. But you probably have the tools by now. Be very careful when installing the new screen. Any tug on the connecting flat cables while the screen is connected (and even more when the shield is screwed in) will damage those cables and render the new screen useless.

If you want just your files, and your phone doesn't require a passcode, you can access your files through iFunbox or iExplorer, or something similar.

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It there a way I can bypass the passcode?


None that I know off. You could try to connect it to the computer with which you usually sync, and see if you can access it somehow.

Or borrow a screen :) even a broken one (or at a minimal fee) that still works, from a near by repair shop for example. You can ask them for the favor, explaining that you just need to access your data and don't have money to spend on a new screen assembly.


Thank you for your suggestions. I really appreciate your help! :)


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