White screen after replacing orignal screen

I just replaced the front panel of a 4th Generation iPod touch. Once i powered it on the screen went white. I followed the instructions and restated it, still white screen, i let the battery drain and attempted it it again, still white screen. I even factory reset (using RecBoot) it and it still had a white screen. I can hear it connect to the charger but the screen it white. I reopened it and made sure everything was properly connected none of the ribbon cables were kinked. Did I just get a bad part?

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Yup. This is bad part. You've done all the right things, good job!

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So can i return it to ifixit?


i don't know the answer to that---we are all just community members like you. If it were up to me, I'd stare hard at the LCD flex and digitizer flex to see if there was a crease. If not, then sure.


I sent them a message, they are going to replace my part. Should be here writhing 3 days


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