Model A1311 / Mid 2011 / 2.5 & 2.7 GHz Core i5 or 2.8 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Dual hard drive doubt

Hi, Greetings!

I intend to add a second hard drive in my iMac 21.5"mid 2011, actually a 480GB SSD OCZ Vertex 460A and I have three questions:

  1. Vertex 460A has an outer metal casing. Could this be a problem, because of static electricity or possible contact with iMac components?
  2. When I put back the optical drive in its bay, there could be a risk of touching the bottom of it at the top of the SSD? I am thinking about the possibility of vibrations of the optical drive when working to damage the SSD.
  3. What about the temperature when the optical drive is running, the heat could damage the SSD?

The best solution to the health of the SSD would not simply remove the optical drive and put the SSD in its bay?

Thanks a lot and best regards.

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1 - It shouldn't. If you follow the IFIXIT guide the placement of the SSD is not near anything, besides you could put some electrical tape across any areas that you think might touch if you are concerned.

2 - SSD love vibrations ;-} Not an issue. In fact thats one of the good things of SSD's as they can take more abuse than a HD.

3 - While the optical drive does create heat the amount is not enough to hurt the SSD. Again SSD's can handle more extreme temperature than a HD.

As to your last question. No, you'll gain nothing other than loosing your optical drive. You will in fact alter your systems cooling and allow dust and dirt to enter as you'll have created a large opening where the drive was once in place.

To help put your mind at rest here all of our '11 iMacs have dual drive SSD setup and we have not had any issues with them.

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Thanks for fast reply Dan.

I am waiting the delivery of my dual hard drive kit with cables probably next week to proceed with update.

After that I will post here the result.

Best regards.


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