A Makita angle grinder released in June of 2010. Model number GA4030K.

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Angle grinder is getting very hot when I use it.

I have had my angle grinder for quite some time and while using it today I noticed that the body of the tool was becoming quite hot. I turned it off and unplugged it as this has never happened before and I was quite concerned. Can someone please tell me what might have happened to cause this and how I can go about fixing it?

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The angle grinder may be low on grease or may have outside elements in the existing grease. Grease is meant to allow the internally moving parts to function with as little resistance as possible. When there’s a lot of strain on the grinder (resistance), it will get hot.

The angle grinder is fixable - visit the ‘new grease’ link on the troubleshooting page found here:

Makita GA4030K Troubleshooting

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