The Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender is the ultimate high powered electric kitchen appliance. The blender is perfect for crushing ice, blending ingredients, and preparing food.

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Why is my food not being blended properly?

My blender seems to be properly powered on, but my food does not have the right consistency.

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Ninja blenders handle some foods better than others. I would check the instructions in the company's user manual to make sure that you are blending foods that the Ninja can handle. The size of the food chunks might be too big or too small. If your blended product is too thick, cut the food into smaller pieces. You might also try using different settings to achieve different food consistencies. For example, you could try blending on a higher setting for a shorter period of time. I hope this helps. Follow this link for more information: Ninja Professional NJ600 Troubleshooting

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