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White screen after replacing screen of Classic

My classic had a cracked screen. After replacing the screen (ordered from Ifixit) all i get is a white screen. The ipod seems to function allright, is recognized by pc and itunes.

I have restored the ipod, i have disassembled and reassembled, checked all ribbons/connections, still a white screen.

What can i do?

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jobbbelt, make sure that the Classic is a Classic and not a Video. Then make sure that the LCD ribbon cable is properly seated,. If it is slightly angled it can give you a white screen. Then of course there is always the possibility of a failed LCD.

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Hello oldturkey03, thank you for your reaction.

Today i re-installed the old (cracked) screen, and immediately the Apple logo was visible. Today i will also, again, try the new screen, but i am afraid it was faulty on arrival. Btw: it is def. a Classic :-)


Good thing the old screen showed the Apple logo. Let us know how it turns out.


I have contacted Ifixit, and they are sending me a replacement display.


Replacement arrived yesterday (thanks Ifixit), assembled today: same problem! White screen only (and yes, the old screen still functions).

Original and replacement displays however show different codes on the flatcable, is there a difference?

I have contacted Ifixit again by mail, will wait their reaction.


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