Model A1297 / 2.66, 2.8, 2.93, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Apple logo glows orange after lcd panel replacement

MacBook Pro 17" Early 2011 Unibody A1297 2.3ghz i7 Antiglare

I have an early 2011 A1297 early 2011 matte screen macbook pro. The original screen was failing so I purchased a replacement LCD panel online with identical serial number and took it to a technician to get him to replace the panel.

New screen works beautifully after installation but I now have an orange glowing logo on the display case (strange faint lines behind the logo). It is no longer white like it is supposed to be. It's definitely orange, not even a faint pale yellow that I could still live with!

I wrote the repair technician but he doubt it was due to his negligence and suggested that it is a bad panel being supplied. However he is happy to disassemble machine to see if they left anything behind during installation.

I wrote the panel supplier who says there are obviously no led lights on the back of the panel and can't imagine why the glow will be orange if the front of the panel is working fine which makes sense.

Before pinning the blame on anyone and getting it disassembled again, I wonder if anyone knows more about this? Could it be that the video cable or logic board shorted out, backlight fuse blown or WLED driver is damaged? I really can't see why the logo glows orange when the front of the screen works fine.

I already tried to reset the SMC and PRAM, nothing happened.

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You did make sure the color levels under Built-In Display System Preferences are correctly set?


Yes I did, thanks for the suggestion


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Orange glow that is not one I've heard of yet

OK, lets see if we can shed some light on this as being informed will give you the needed tools to have a meaningful dialog with either party. So here goes...

First here is the IFIXIT guide to replace the LCD panel: MacBook Pro 17" Unibody LCD Replacement If you want jump down to Step 31 which is where the panel unit is taking out of the frame.

I would recommend you plug in an external monitor in to see what color the image is on it. If it is OK then you know you have an internal display issue. If on the other hand the color is off (Orange) then you have a GPU issue within the main logic board. Which they could tell you is not what they serviced so they don't need to cover it.

If the internal display image is bad and the external image is good: The first question you need to ask (if the repair slip didn't tell you) did they replace the LCD panel assembly with a new complete assembly. If they did then its likely the display is defective. The only other possibility here is the LVDS data cable is damaged.

But... What gets me is you stated the lid logo (on the back of the display) is Orange! The light you are seeing here is the leakage from the LED backlight lights, not the light from the LCD directly. So that would imply the light output from the LED's is Orange which is a new one for me.

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Hi Dan, thank you so much for your reply, but I realised that the link to the guide you sent is not for my model. I have an Unibody 17" and it should be MacBook Pro 17" Unibody LCD Replacement

Does your methods still apply in this case?

Sorry, perhaps I could be clearer but the entire front of the lcd panel works absolutely fine. I am typing on it now and every single pixel is lighted and colour is great, it is just the apple logo behind the panel glowing orange.

I hook up my macbook pro to an external monitor via thunderbolt and that works fine too.

Refer to this pic:

The camera is not the best at capturing it but it is slightly more orange less yellow than this.

Let me know what you think!


I corrected my self re-read what I wrote (refresh the page). I grabbed the wrong guide the first time.


If the image is AOK then they must have left some orange colored tape on the back as the leakage from the backlight LED's is the light source of the lid logo. Is yours discolored? As that is the only other thing here.


Ahh great thanks I saw the your edited reply.

Just a little confused if you don't mind clarifying, how should I plug in an external monitor from step 31? My external Eizo displays colour accurately when plugged in through the mini dvi/thunderbolt port.

Also, what's the difference between internal display image and external image? Basically, they only removed the the lcd panel out of the frame like in the guide and replaced it with a new lcd panel that I supplied (I was going to replace the lcd panel myself until the hinge screws got stripped and they offered to do everything for a reasonable amount).

In your last comment, you mentioned if mine is discoloured. There is no discolouration with the image displayed in the front of the screen. Colours are good and even cool not barely warm. Whites are white.


The thing that also bugs me is that in the image of the logo I've attached, I can make out faint black lines behind the logo which should had be a clear white of the panel itself. Should I strip everything out to see if any coloured tape or residue is left behind?

Could the LVDS data cable still be a potential problem? And can I leave out backlight fuse and Wled driver to be factors? I was reading up on those and scaring myself.

Many thanks


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