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Can I get pics off a drowned iPhone 6?

I dropped my iPhone 6 in water, it worked for a little bit after that. Then, it cut off and wouldn't do anything. I dropped the phone into a bag of rice. Left for about 4 hours, took it out tried to get it to come on and it did, so I had stuff on it that I wasn't sure was saved to iCloud and I decided to try and back it up and the screen started fading in vertical stripes then it started cutting off and then back on. I put the phone back in the bag of rice overnight, took it out the next day around lunchtime and it wouldn't do anything. My husband took it and set it outside in the sun for a couple of hours. He brought it back inside and plugged it in and it powered on. I immediately plugged it to my computer and tried to back it up again, it started the backup process and went for about 15 minutes and shut back down. It has done absolutely nothing since. Well, it turns out I didn't have a few of my pictures saved in my iCloud and I am desperate to get them! Is there any way to get them off the phone before I have to send it to my insurance company???

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Jessica Taylor,rice does not do anything other than provide you with a false sense of security. It will not fix your phone. You need to approach this like any other submersion. First thing to do is to no longer try to start or charge your iPhone. Remove the battery, and disassemble is right down to the logic board . Clean everything with isopropyl alcohol (90%+) and a soft brush, including all connectors and cable ends. Removing the EMI shields is necessary to clean everything properly. Use this guide to see how to clean it. It was written for a 3G but all the points are pertinent to your phone as well. Check for any burned or missing components. You may have to repeat this step a couple of times. Once it is cleaned, reassemble it and replace the battery, then reevaluate for any real damage. Right now, everything will only be a guess, and the longer you wait the more corroded it will get. Hope this helps, good luck

iPhone Görseli


Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage



1 - 2 hours

iPhone 6 Logic Board Görseli


iPhone 6 Logic Board Replacement



30 minutes - 2 hours

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Bag of rice is a great idea but it need more than that.

Phone should be opened and dried. I would just use hairdryer lightly. Disconnect the battery then leave it in an open air for 3-4 hours

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Rice is an absolute horrible idea. It does not do anything and any device will surely die a slow death by corrosion. there is no room for rice in proper repair.


Before posting your comment you should probably check if you are right or not.

Rice is handy and good as silica gel.

Your comment is most stupid one.


I did not just check, I know. Verify your answers before posting.


@erik - Both rice & silica gel beads are good solution to remove moisture from a container which holds something that could be damaged from the moisture in the air (humidity). I use it with my cameras to prevent the lenses from fogging up when I went to Costa Rica. But, both are useless in removing the puddles of liquid sitting inside a wet device. You are correct the correct way is to open the system and properly clean it ASAP. I should add when you're in the jungle or on the high seas this is not an easy option. Then the next best thing is to shake out any liquid you can and keep the device as cool as you can to slow the corrosion process. Don't forget to pull the batteries and fully turn off the device if you can't get the batteries out or disconnect them.


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