15.6 inch display. Identified by Model Code: NP470R5E-K02UB. This device was released August of 2013.

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A laptop won't boot up but instead shows a white display.

When I turn on the computer, I just get a white display, After a while the backlight turns on.Is it still salvageable and if it is, how can i fix it.

Link to video below:


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Thank you. I think it's the LCD connector. I'll take it to my local repair man to get it fix. What do you think is a fair price to get it fixed?


Different shops have different shop costs depending where you are. Out of respect for other techs, I decline to answer how much repairs should cost. Hope you understand....


I understand. Thanks anyway.


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I would say your problem is a loose LCD connector. There is a such thing as a white screen of death virus, but you get a bios and welcome screen before the screen goes white if it's infected. To tell if you are infected....Press the F8 key and see if it goes into safe mode, if your infected the virus will not let you get into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with networking...It will just shut down. If you cannot get into the safe mode screen at all...It's a cable issue.

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