Ps4 power supply full of bugs (gross)

Got a ps4 full of cockroaches, cleaned out roaches but power supply completely dead, doesn't look like there are any toasted components, but it is obviously not working, anyway to salvage the PSU?

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Yeah I was afraid of that... Thanks man


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Unfortunately there is no good way to salvage your PSU. I've spent hours and hours on cockroach damaged PSU's and have very little success. I've decided that they are not worth the time it takes to figure them out. Not only because it takes forever to diagnose but even if you do get it figured out there is a good chance that it will go bad again...this is because of all the cockroach feces and trails inside the PSU. And on top of all of that it's just gross and smells bad! Unless you clean it very thoroughly it will always smell nasty...especially when you start playing and it gets warm! Anyway, that's my opinion on it. I hope it helps.

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