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Designed in 1991, the fourth generation Maxima arrived in May 1994 for the 1995 model year as the A32.

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What cain of transmission I have LSD or NO LSD,vin#JN1CA21D6TM419624

What transmission i have on

My 1996 maxima vin# JN1CA21D6TM419624 is it lsd no lsd...


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Ok recently buy this car with no reverse and trying to replace the transmission bought one on junk yard and it's diferent than the one on the car now have the axle on driver side Lil ticker ,the one from junkyard matches the first 9 dijits on the vin # but where the axles go in it's like a pin inside Wich the one on the car don't have a pin ,., looking at all parts on car looks to me like they replaced it before maybe with the wrong transmission.. so was wondering if I have the right one this time sence the numbers on transmission and vin match.


"can see all the way through with no metal rod visible in there then it's a VLSD trans. that would mean that the car originally had the VLSD transaxle


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arturo monreal, your VIN only identifies your vehicle as :"




Make (Manufacturer):Datsun, Nissan

Model year:1996

Manufactured in: Japan (Asia)

Sequential number:


Body style: SEDAN 4-DR

Brake - front: Disc

Brake - rear: Disc

Driveline: FWD

Fuel tank: 18.50 gallon / 70.0 liter

Tires: 205/65R15

Trim level: GLE

The GLE was issued with a RE4F04A Transaxle The transaxle with LSD is RE4F04V. you could try this tip from "Big driver's side axle seal and diff with no cross shaft in it (if you look through the axle holes and can see all the way through with no metal rod visible in there) then it's a VLSD trans." the other way would be look at the data tag on the firewall near the passenger side of the car. If it ends with a "V", then you have a VLSD. One more way to identify it would be by jacking the car off the ground. Then spin one of the 5-bolt output shafts and see if the other side spins the same direction. If it does, then you got a VLSD. If it spins the opposite direction, then it is not.

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