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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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What model 1986 FA50 do I have?

I want to buy the chrome molding for the top of the frame but I'm not sure what model I have. The schematics to order the part has three options;

  • D,E,F,G
  • H,J,K,L,M
  • or Z

Does anyone know the differences?

And how do I add images to this site? After I click edit, there is no image icon. I will try my laptop instead of my phone. That should work.

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What schematics are you looking at? Like mayer said, what is your VIN or model number?


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Mike,if it is a 1986 than it should be a "G". something like this

V.I.N. #: JS1FZ11A8G31


ENGINE TYPE: 49cc Two-stroke


COLOR: Red, Blue, Yellow

The 10th digit of the VIN is the year code. The letters I, O, Q, U, Z are not used to avoid confusion with numbers:

1980 A

1981 B

1982 C

1983 D

1984 E

1985 F

1986 G

1987 H

1988 J

1989 K

1990 L

1991 M

1992 N

1993 P

1994 R

1995 S

1996 T

1997 V

1998 W

1999 X

2000 0

2001 1

2002 2

2003 3

Somewhat conflicting information is about the Z. If it is used in the VIN it is for the 1982 model.

To add images, use this guide

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Thanks Old Turk! Once again, you are the man! It's a 1987 since the 10th number is a H. I order from Here is the link to the FA50.

If you go to the frame there are 3 types. How do I know which one I have?


Looks like yours is a 41100-02230-33L



I think it's 02230-019. 33L is pink and mine is black. I uploaded an old pic of it to my profile. I'll add more when I log on to here with my laptop. I have a few other questions for you too. Do you have a different site you prefer for parts? Also, I keep reading about this Simonini exhaust but I can't track one down. Do those expansion chambers really help?


Absolutely do the expansion chambers work. They have been doing that since 1938:-) That is what one would refer to as a tuned exhaust. Rally good explanation on here As for parts, I purchase wherever I get the best price. Since I do not do a complete restore etc. I do not need a whole bunch of parts. You can always get great information on here the black frame is part number



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Take your VIN number to the dealer and ask.

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