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Any wiring harness for dual drives we can buy?

I have a late 2009 Mini and I want to do what you did with 2 drives. Also can you mix a SSD and regular HD using the SSD as the main drive?

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What I meant to say was to internal drives equally 1TB, iFixit shows soldering a wiring harness. I wanted to know if there is now a completed wiring harness one can buy for this application?


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Here's the guide on how to do it. The does require use of a soldering iron, so bear this in mind.

iFixit doesn't sell it pre-made.

I would also change one thing in this, too. Use heatshrink tubing instead of electrical tape. Electrical tape will fall off in the machine and eventually short out. Heatshrink won't.

Considering you have the hard drive I would just get the SSD and recycle the hard drive and save a little money. You don't really need to get the kit with the drive.

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