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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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No sound. Speaker wire disconected.

I recently had to open up my Unibody A1342 due to water spillage.

As I was following your teardown, at step 10 I seemed to miss something. Whilst trying to gently pop off the speaker wire connector I must have used too much force and it just snapped off. I cannot see any way to simply click it back in, does it need soldering? There doesn't seem to be much metal to solder together, is there another option? Would hot glue work?

Block Image


Block Image

You can see the damage here

Block Image

And here.

I have since seen other instructions of what I should have done, gently prise the connector away. However, now that the damage is done is there anything i can do. I don't have any experiece with soldering.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.

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Sai G, post some images of your connector and the damage with your question. Using glue for a lasting repair is usually not an option.


Thanks for reply oldturkey03

I will post a photo as an answer as i can't see a way to do it here.


Use this guide to add images to an existing question Adding images to an existing question


Got it


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Sai G, the only proper way of fixing this is by soldering. You can either solder the connector back on the board, the solder pads seem to be intact. Or you could solder the wires straight to the board. Either way, it will have to be soldered. Consider having somebody else do that for you if you have not soldered before. Glue will not work:-) don't try it

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Thanks, I'll try to find someone.


Found a dude in an old electronics shop, he managed to solder the connector on, only charged me €10. Now sounds OK again.


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