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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Should I use toothbrush and alcohol to clean a dusty logic board?

I recently had a water spillage on the keyboard of my Unibody A1342 and as a result the keyboard is not fully functional. Using keyboard viewer I could see that the CONTROL key was constantly on, as well as SHIFT and ALT.

After reading up on my options I decided to remove and inspect the Logic board. (I know nothing about computer hardware) I cannot see any damage or corrosion, but I do see a LOT OF DUST and debris.

Block Image

I decided to brush this away with an old toothbrush, and used rubbing alcohol (found a reference to this cleaning method) Is this a correct line of action? Is there anything else I can do?

Block Image

Actually, before reassembling it I have left all the pieces, including main body of computer, trackpad, Hard Drive, battery and Logic Board in a sealed airtight poly bag with a dehumidifying product. Could this help? How lond should I leave it in there? Could it cause further damage?

Oh and will I need thermal paste to put the heat sink back? Or can it simply be screwed on?

Many thanks, and congratulations on this website/forum to help us solve our tech issues.

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Compressed air would have been a better way to remove the dust and as for the heat sink new thermal paste is the way to go . Clean the old paste off with isopropal alcohol and a lint free towel. To dry out computer components desiccant drying agent such as silica gel or kitty litter and leave them in it for a week. Some people swear by rice but I've never had any luck with that

Hope this helps Good Luck

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Thanks. Is thermal paste easy to come by in a drugstore? Or would I need a specialist computer hardware shop? I guess U can even get it at ifixit, right?


Drug store no.You can order it from here or ebay, amazon most computer shops will carry it. This is a good video on how to apply it, however she doesnt mention you should clean the heat sink as well as the chip all the old thermal paste needs to be removed



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