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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact released in Sep. 2014.

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Sony Xperia Z3 compact replacing screen including frame and housing

Hi, iam replacing the screen on a Z3 compact. The new screen has arrived and has come with the frame and housing already attached. The videos and guides i have referred to show the damaged screen being removed from the frame, are there any guides that show to to replace with the new screen and frame remaining intact. The reason i purchased the screen and frame as a complete unit was to hopefully retain the waterproof capability of the phone.

many thanks

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This video I found is very helpful.


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I did this myself. It was very easy I think. Use this guide and follow to step 3. Remember to move over the parts missing on the new part.

You could look at this guide to replace mid frame. I think you will understand which parts to move over. The battery is glued to the logic board and is very easy to get out.

The clue here to ensure the X3 Compact is waterproof again is to seal the back cover right. There are some original Sony adhesive on Ebay for the back cover so I ordered it also. I thought maybe I would have to use that instead of the adhesive that was on the OEM back cover I ordered. In fact I did not use it (as was recommended from some posts).

Be sure to clean any left over adhesive from the frame where the back cover sits. Use some alcohol to clean the edges. Then remove the adhesive film and seat the back cover. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the edges. Put pressure on all edges until it cools. I put som heavy weight on the phone to make sure it sealed while it cooled.

To test if your Z3 Compact is waterproof do this:

Dial this from the phone -> *#*#7378423#*#*

Got to -> Service Test -> Pressure Sensor

Press gently on the screen while all the flaps are closed. The pressure rises and if you let go it will fall back to the atmospheric pressure.

The first Z3 C I changed the back cover on I did not do the heat gun thing and the pressure test failed. So I thought I had to use the original on the second phone I repaired. But I tried the method above and the pressure test was successful without the extra adhesive.

Hope this helps!

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Brilliant thanks, and thanks for the waterproof test :)


Hello, anyone have insight on a bulging front glass? I have now experienced installing screen/glass for a couple og Z3 Compact. After a few days it it gaping in one corner of the screen. I changed the adhesive and heated up the screen, let clamps on the screen for several days. Still after a few days the screen is lifting in one corner. It looks like the glass is ok. I guess there are no curved glass? So could it be the plastic frame on the Z3 Compact has deformed? Any other suggestions to get the screen to stay down? Glue?


It can be deformed frame, but also can be the flexcable not bended enough so it make pressure on the screen, also the earspeaker need to be in correct position and make sure it can be pressed down to glass level without too much force.


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Querer can i bus the replacement

Update (12/23/2015)

Where can i buy the replacement?

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I would try for the Xperia Z3 Compact Lcd / touch assembly only.

For complete original frame with lcd ebay or aliexpress. Find one with a good reputation and included good adhesive here


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