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Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in 16, 32, or 64 GB models. Model Number A1458

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Broken LCD connector - is it toast?

I was replacing an iPad 4 and chipped the LCD FPC connector. I plugged in an LCD right away and it started without any problem - no screen issues whatsoever. So I took it out of the connector to assemble the digitizer and once I connected the LCD again I've got nothing. Not a flicker. My guess is the upper pins are impeding the bottom connection, but I don't want tot risk irreparably damaging the device. Does anybody have any suggestions or a similar experience or do I have to send this thing away to get micro-soldered? Is this a soldering job I could do myself with the right part (not an overly experienced solderer)?

If I should send it out to be replaced, can anyone recommend someone who can do the repair quickly if I pay for express shipping? I've tried to contact iPad Rehab but I'm not getting a response and I need to get this repaired for a customer ASAP. Thanks.

- Brandon

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My advice is to send it to an experienced micro-soldering technician.

1st, if you're not an experienced solderer, it is good to get training, but not on a working device that you risk damaging permanently in case you mess up the pads underneath the connector for example.

Thus, if I were you, and I want to tackle this repair, I'd master it on scrap boards first.

2nd, you need excellent tools for this kind of precision job. A very experienced solderer can get away with average tools. Not a beginner. If this is gonna be a once-in-a-month kind of repair, it makes more economical sense to send it out than to invest money for expensive tools and time training.

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