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How to repair/fix water damaged Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Hi my phone got drenched in water and it's not switching on. Sometimes it will vibrate for two seconds and blue light near the home button will be flickering. But it does not show up anything on the screen and it's sound output also nil. Anyone could help me to fix this issue for myself?

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i have tried al these instructions but nothing happen even the notification lights are not working


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JUST DO NOT PUT IT IN RICE. This is a myth which just causes the minerals in the water to go ahead and deposit all over the board.

You will want to completely disassemble the phone. Remove the motherboard and soak it in an isopropyl bath for a few hours, be sure to use 90% or better. While it is soaking, use something like a toothbrush and carefully scrub all flex cable connections and other hardware. Be sure not to get alcohol inside the speakers or cameras. Once everything is clean and dry, re-assemble the phone and everything should be fine, assuming it hasn't been too long since the water damage happened.

Hope this helps

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• Use a vacuum cleaner

If you want to try and suck the liquid out of the inner parts of the phone, try using a vacuum cleaner if there is one available. Remove all residual moisture by drawing it away with a vacuum cleaner held over the affected areas for up to 20 minutes, in each accessible area

• Use a substance with a high affinity for drawing out moisture

An inexpensive option is to place the phone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice overnight or up to 48 hours. The rice might absorb some remaining moisture and act as an desiccant.

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Ask a girl to give a blow job to your phone

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