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The Brother MFC-440CN is an all-in-one color inkjet printer with a photo bypass tray first introduced in 2001.

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"Error 46 clean impossible", anyone has idea of what it means?

At machine start up the message ""Error 46 clean impossible" appears.

user's guide says it is a generic mechanical problem, but there's nothing wrong inside.

Could be the printing head to be replaced?

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At least these people don't kid around. What a great fatalistic message! It's to late to work on tonight but I'll research tomorrow. Give us a little bit of time.


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I am currently working on this myself. It means your ink absorber pad is full. I purchased a new pad, but now I can't find instructions on how to install it. Apparently, Brother really wants you to have a technician do this, or buy a new printer. I've seen posts that say you can clear the message, but if the absorber pad is full, you could end up with a big mess.

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Thank you very much Krystal, finally i got it :)


Where did you get the new pad? /Peter


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From what I can tell is find a guide to dissemble your printer.

It might be messy but not shore if it is possible to wash them out and then dry them? (Just an idea as I have never done this before but was wandering it myself when I was cleaning my printhead and if they possibly need replacing anyways could be worth trying)

If it is anything like mine they come in a plastic holder and is full of a felt like material on both sides of the print heads track and also a couple smaller ones under the print head park position.

Don't know if this link is of any help

Block Image

Block Image

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