Repairing or replacing audio jack?

Okay so I would basically want to know if replacing the headphone jack on my phone would be of any help for the problem that I am having.

I had the standard earphones that came along with my galaxy S4 mini plugged in, put it in my pocket while all tangled and when i got it out the right side didn't work anymore. I just guessed they had worn out since I keep them in my jeans pockets all day and accepted it. I also have a Razer headphone, it isn't the best on the market or anything but it did what it needed to do. I plugged them in and after a while of calmly listening to music on low volume the right side stopped working here too... This wouldn't work on multiple devices and when sent in for repair to the manufacturer it couldn't be fixed.

Maybe in some way my phone might have overloaded the driver on the right side of earphone and headphone, I really don't know anything much about these things. So I would want to know if the issue would be fixed by getting my headphone jack replaced or that there might be a different problem?


No i have not. I am not under guarantee anymore and there are probably costs connected to even looking if it is fixable. That is why i came here to ask people that know more about the topic to know if it is worth it...

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Did you send it to official Samsung repair center and why could it not be repaired according to them?


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