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Repair and disassembly guides and support for the Digital SLR line of cameras by Canon, including the Eos series first introduced in 1987.

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I dropped my camera, now my lens is hard to opperate.

I recently dropped my Cannon EOS Rebel T5 and now the lens (EFS 18-55mm) is hard to manage and operate. I can't shift between 24-55 and it is and to detach. If I brought it in would they be able to help or can I fic it on my own?

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You can take the body into a store and try out new lenses first to make sure that the body is OK. Other wise, it may get to the point where repairing both is more expensive than buying a new kit. Repairing it yourself is possible, but getting the parts is difficult and complex to disassemble (specifically the lens).

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I bumped the camera and the little ridges on the camera lens broke and the lens did not clip in correctly, purchased a new lens, kept old one for parts, Works OK, not well designed!

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