Suddenly will not power, even on adapter.

OK, I've got a white 2009 Macbook, bought last year. Upgraded with 4GB and a 120GB SSD. It's been running awesome, except for poor battery life which is expected.

1st symptom: a week ago the keyboard went wild. I couldn't enter my user password and after some testing I found all sorts of oddities. The delete key would signal enter, some letters did nothing, others produced multiple characters (hidden as it was the password field).

I use English and Hungarian keyboard settings, and made sure it was not that.

Then, after a day of messing with it, it just stopped powering on at all. All of this is while using a genuine Apple power adapter.

With AC connected >> press power button >> nothing. No chime, no disc spin, black screen. The AC adapter light will change from green to amber, but that's it.


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Sounds like a spill onto the keyboard occurred.


Nothing while I've had it, but with whoever owned it since 2009 it's a safe bet something's been spilled on it. But it's not just the keyboard. Nothing happens - while on AC power. No sound, no screen.


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