Battery issues? Or something more

I'm having a simuar problem with my MacBook Pro A1150. I've calulated the voltage and I am running of 85W. When I plug my charger in it comes up with a green light on the charger. It also make noise when I power it on however the lights on key board won't come on caps etc. There is also no sign of the fans spinning up. I've disconnected pretty much all the connectors and reconnected them. Some times the light come on the front when I've been playing with it. The Macbook won't turn on at all without the charger. The removable battery just doesn't seem to be getting any power but I'm not even sure it's the battery. This makes me think that maybe I need to replace my pram battery on my logic board. What do you think, could this be a factor for my Macbook not to boot up?

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