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A portable media player released in 2006. It is identified by the words "Zen Vision W" on the back side of the device.

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Replacement of Hard Disc which has crashed

Seagate 60 GB Lyrion

model no. ST760211DE

Where and how do I get a replacement at what cost?

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Using some internet sources exactly from

Here is some specs for the drive that you'll need

  • The drive, made by Hitachi, is a 3.3 v, 1.8″ Travelstar C4K60 Slim.
  • The 30 GB drive is 5mm thick, the 60 GB drive is 8mm thick.
  • These drives use the ATA-7 interface and a Zero Insertion Force socket. ZIF is a rare interface used only on devices like this, so it’s difficult to work with.
  • If you’ve got a 30 GB model you might consider upgrading to the 60GB Hitachi, or you might wait as this 100GB Toshiba should start production in Jan 2007.
  • If you’ve got the 60 GB version, there is no good upgrade path yet.

Sadly after extensive searching via Google Shopping, the only results are coming from used drives on eBay.

Google Shopping View

eBay Harddrive (used)

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