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The Plantronics CS50 Headset is a wireless digital headset system manufactured and marketed by Plantronics, Inc.

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Call Center Headsets Customer can not hear them on income calls

I have a Call Center with about 30 headset CS50 and CS55. Several time a day they report that the customer can not hear them.

The headset is paird and changed and working fine and when they pick up the headset they are heard just fine.

Any suggesstions as to to correct this ongoing problem


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Change the battery


Dan that sounds interesting I will see what can happen with the software if Plantronics can not help.. Thanks again


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Have you spoken to Plantronics? You maybe facing a signaling conflict with the Bluetooth sets.

When you have a lot of devices (Bluetooth and/or WiFi) the environment can be very noisy (radio waves). You may need to monitor the Bluetooth frequencies and place the receivers away from each other.

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Thanks Dan I will see what I can find out from Plantronics... and that is what I was thinking that there were so many that maybe that was what the conflict was ... Not so sure how I would place the receivers away from each other.. they have very small desk and all sit right next to each other...

But thanks so much for your help .. I will see what I can do .


When you have desks back to back in a call center it does become difficult to isolate physically the receivers. Plantronics should have some guideline documentation to help you. There is software which you could run on a laptop to make it into a Bluetooth scanner if Plantronics can't offer any help here.


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