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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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change the LVDS cable on A1465 and A1466


Are there are guides or videos in changing the LVDS for A1465 and A1466? The cable on both of them is burned. Do I have to separate the layers of the screen or is the cable accesable once the bezel is taken off?

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No, the screen has to be taken off to access the cable inserts in the LCD. I am not aware of anyone doing a guide on this, I could be wrong. I may be doing one the first of next week so I'll try to take pictures if I do it.

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Another question. Are the screens interchangeable for testing purposes? I wanna connect a A1466 screen assembly to the A1465 to see if the board connector is good.

BTW. Thanks for the reply. I needed the answer badly.


I have no idea on that one, haven't tried it. But on standard MBP they are not interchangeable on the 13 & 15" models. Connectors are different.


thanks. for clarification. are there connectors different electronically? Because on many PCs you can connect a 15" screen to 17" laptop and it works fine (for testing purposes).


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