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Why Access denied repairing EDB with ESEUTIL?


I'm trying to put a restored EDB in to a clean shutdown state (its currently saying its in a dirty shutdown state). However when I run the command I get this back;

Operation terminated with error -1032 (JET_errFileAccessDenied, Cannot access file, the file is locked or in use) after 30.93 seconds.

If I use handle.exe to show the handles for objects in use then that recovered EDB doesn’t appear in the list. The main EDB does but this recovered one (that will be part of a recovery group) doesn't.

There's no AV installed (I removed it to see whether this was causing the issue though it did have an EDB exclusion).

Any ideas what may be the cause?

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It is log file related issue and I was also facing similar kind of 'Operation terminated with error -1032' error. I successfully fixed this issue with the help of this application:

It's really very simple to use and helped me to resolve this error quickly with upto 100 % data back to their original state.


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I think it is the log file that is locked. You might try a few things- cheating by moving the log files to another location and only leaving the essential log files or checking the properties on the log files. Or you can try to restore the file from backup. And if you haven't it you can try to use third-party tools like EDB Repair Kit for example. Or try A reboot server. May be it help. Always make a copy of your edb files before running any maintenance on them.

Look also this authoritative source.

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I am very glad that you helped me


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If you are getting this error you can Live chat with Dux Data Recovery they will solve your problem. they will give solution within few time. and recover you lost data.

i also got this error they solved my problem and recover my data. you should also try dux edb to pst converter software.



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