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A wide range of repair guides and support for the consumer-grade laptop computer line by Toshiba.

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I installed Windows 10 on my Toshiba Satellite P 755

I had Windows 7 it said Windows 10 was compatible so I installed Windows 10. It was doing fine for about 5 min and then it crashed and had to reinstall windows 7 and now its stuck. What do I do to get out of limbo? It stop before it finishedL I would like to get it set back to factory installed and then install Windows 10.

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What does the screen look like when it boots?


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Once again, I have many electronics and once more, I have had no luck finding this problem on my computer. Your computer may not be compatible with that version and it is a little messed up saying it is when it is not compatible. Something LIKE this happens to me sometimes on other electronics. You can either reset your computer or try to find a way to update it so that it is compatible with that version.

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