Advice before assembling logicboard A1342 mac 2.4

Hello Everybody :)

Can I ask a simple and stupid question?

On my mac A1342 2.26 dual core the logic board stopped working (it doesn't switch on and from the mag safe plug-in the led became gloomy green instead of bright green),after a briefing, the Igenius team sentenced it as a serious logic board problem and suggested me to buy a new mac because was a non sense replace that failed one, spending something like 350€

I decided to look over the web soI found from a neighbor one logicboard mac A1342 2.40 dual core.

Because he cannot test it in front of me I have to buy it just on trust.

Here the question, if I go there with the white shell and the magsafe, it will cause a short circuit if I test the logic board lied on the shell just for few sec plugging the magsafe to the power plug ?

If the light from the magsafe comes out bright green I'll buy the logic board and then at home I'll reassemble the whole Macbook components, if not becomes bright green but gloomy green I'll pass the deal on and search for another logic board.

Is the 2.40 logic board A1342 2010 fully compatible with the Macbook A1342 2.26 2009

Thanks in advance for the advice many many thanks to the forum and web site staff

Looking forward hearing from you very soon..


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