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There are several types of PowerBook G4 Aluminum models.

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Why does my G4 work slower after upgrading to 1gig ram i bought 2 slots of 1gig ddr sd ram.

Replaced it... turns out that one of my previous 256rams were ok, but the slot doesnt work anymore(no problem, dont feel like spending a lot of money on motherboard and stuff). As it shows, all of the software i used before (logic, reason, ableton) work twice as slow as befor(cant really do anything). Emmm... help?

When i chek about this mac... it says it has 1 gig of ram. What could possibly be wrong?

Thanks for a fast answer.

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Sometimes one of the slots just stops reading. Blow the slot out with canned air and then try the 256 chip in it. Did you get RAM specifically made for Mac or generic RAM? I have also found that some of the slots thought to be bad would indeed read a smaller chip. So you may be able to get 1.25 GIGs of RAM to work.

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Sorry for the late reply...

I bought 2 of these... did not know i was supposed to get special ram. Although, the description on said its ment for several mac models (including mine). The ram I got is (PC2700 1 GB RAM Chip). Is it the right one?

I have not yet tryed to clean out the slots. Maybe ill be able to do it today. Ill let you know if it worked.

Thanks for souch a brief reply.



It's according to exactly which machine you have, the newer G4's used PC 4200. Please give me the last three figures of your serial number and I can tell you which RAM will work.


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