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Loss of wifi range

Hello, I have one of the last PB G4 15' 1,67Ghz, and since a few weeks my laptop WIFI do not work well:

if i am near my Router everythings works fine, but when I am far from the router, I do not see the WIFI anymore.

Any other laptop or Iphone still reach the wifi so it is not linked to the router itself.

I have checked inside the laptop the airport connexion with its antenna an it seems to be OK.

Any suggestion to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.

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If the connections are good and the router is good that leaves the Airport card. Do you have another you can try in your computer? Ralph

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You mention "since a few weeks"...did this computer work fine on the router previous to a few weeks ago? If so, can you think of anything that may have happened to the machine around that time, or possibly did you install any network-related software, a VPN, etc.? You could always wipe the system and reload the OS in order to rule out software as being the issue. A friend had a similar problem, and it went away when he wiped the system and went to Snow Leopard. Obviously Snow Leopard will not work on this laptop, but my point is that a fresh install may help. And of course make sure it is fully patched, because very early revisions of any Mac OS tend to have networking and especially wireless glitches.

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Thank you for these answers.

The whole installation was working since 2 years, and I have made no change at all.

Since the problem has appeared, I'have tried to re install Mac OSX Leopard, and made all the sw update but no change: the wifi range is still poor.

- for me it is not a software issue.

What is strange is that when I am near the router the WIFI works just fine.

I have a professionnal PC, and it still works from everywhere in the house, and it is the same with my iphone in WIFI.

Can it be a problem with the wifi antenna which seems linked to the screen?

Is there a way to put a third party pcmcia WIFI card?

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Yes the computer has a pcmia card slot. Ralph


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