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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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Where are the water damage sensors located?

Also, I spilled water on my desk and soaked the very bottom of my 2013 mac pro. Now it won't turn on. Any troubleshooting tips? And most importantly, where are the water sensors located? I need to see if my 1 year warranty will cover this.

Thanks in advance.

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Curious, did you ever get this fixed? I also spilled water and it traveled to the mac. it works, but my bluetooth isn't working and a tech said there were signs of corrosion and all repairs weren't covered.


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There are many moisture sensors in all of Apples gear. I would focus on fixing the system than worrying about the sensors.

Are you up to fixing your own system or are you going to bring it into Apple? Given you got the system wet they will see the damage. I suspect you killed the interconnect board located at the base of the system. Here is the IFIXIT guide to replace it: Mac Pro Late 2013 Interconnect Board Replacement.

The Mac Pro is by far one of the easiest Apple system to repair! But the cost of the parts can be expensive! Apple P/N: 661-7527 Interconnect Board

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Thank you so much for your response.

Assuming you're right, would that have any effect on my hard drive/files?

Also, the Mac pro is connected to two external displays. I know that both of them are working (tested with macbook pro). Currently, when the Mac Pro is connected to either of these displays, it is not sending a signal to turn them on.

What's happening: I press the power button on the Mac Pro, and the back of the machine lights up. About 5 seconds later, the lights turn off. This happens each attempt at turning them machine on. Do you know what this means?

I also have an Apple Genius appointment at 3pm today. Any advice for that meeting?


A shorted out interconnect board can explain some of your symptoms. I doubt your files on the SSD's are effected. Only until you fix things we you know for sure.


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I don't think there is one since this is a desktop machine, it was never designed with accidental spills in mind.

Checking the photos on ifixit did not find anything like water sensors either.

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