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Aspire 5315 Series features Intel Celeron mobile processor and Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset

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Why doesn't my laptop start up?

Cannot turn on my computer!


Cannot turn on this laptop.

If I plug it in with battery in - status LEDs are indicated as:

Power/Suspend LED - lights up red;

Battery Charge/Discharge LED - bliks red;

If I plug it in with battery out - status LEDs are off;

When I try to turn computer on in both cases Power/Suspend LED turns on green for a half second as soon as I release the power button and I can hear as ventilator span on, but after half second it all turns down and returns to previous positions.

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Having the same challenge with my acer laptop. What's the issue with acer gadgets?


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After looking into this a little bit, here's the first thing I would try.

Remove the battery from the laptop, and unplug the AC power cable from the laptop.

Hold down the power button on the laptop for 1 minute, and then let go.

Reinstall the battery, and plug the laptop into AC power.

Try to start laptop now.

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Hi Greg,

I tried your solution, but unfortunately it didn't help, the laptop still won't start up.



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Take your computer to a store, let the professionals to do the trick.

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