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Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen. The device needs only prying tools and screwdrivers to fix. Model number: ME370T.

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Does motherboard replacement require fresh OS install.

If I replace the MOBO with one from iFixit, do I have to install an OS from scratch? Or is there a version of Android pre-installed?

I've looked everywhere, but have yet to find an answer to this question on the web.

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Do you mentioned this item on the question ? (Nexus 7 (1st Gen Wi-Fi) Motherboard)


i might have, had i expected somebody who didn't know to answer.


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Since this is still flagged as unanswered and since your last name sounds vaguely familiar...

Reflashing the device is nothing to be hesitant about I've done mine myself a couple of times. Here is a guide for the process if your device is still having a problem....

reflash factory image nexus 7

While tablets have gotten better in the last four years I still use mine to run my home brew home entertainment remote web page user interface. Home entertainment remote

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A+ for effort... but that doesn't answer the question. Let me re-ask it in a more direct fashion.

Do new motherboards (for the device associated with this question) come with the OS preinstalled (any version).

FYI, I run CyanogenMod on most of my devices. I know how to flash an OS. I was looking for 'other' information that didn't appear to be available online already.

Also, are you a Cagel that hails from the Michigan area. That spelling was very popular in that area during the early 1900s.


I have no experience with the ifixit nexus 7 motherboard so I can't tell you if they clear them or send them out with old images intact or what exactly. If I was running the show they would be cleared at the very least. You should ask them the question directly here I expect... or call during business hours ... . My ancestors landed in Philadelphia in 18th century and migrated south to Georgia over a few early generations and then two generations back my grandfather migrated to Oklahoma and eventually to Texas in the early 20th century. So no, no known Michigan connections other than a younger sister who moved to Frankenmuth in the 1980's. I love to visit up there too! Good luck with the device.


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