After Logic Board replacing my mac doesn't turn on


I replaced the logic board from a Macbook Pro A1260, following the iFixit step by step guide. It seems to be correctly replaced, but the Mac doesn't turn on. Only the hard drive seems to receive power, can someone help me?

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Why did you replace the logic board? Why do you think the hard drive is getting power? Please give us a history of the machine along with the last four figures of your serial number and ALL the symptoms, battery indicator, etc.


The Macbook is of a friend of mine, so I don't have enough information about its history, I know that he brought it in a service center on september of 2012 and they said that it need a logic board replacement for 606 €. He decided to not replaced and few days ago I offered to replace the logic board. Before the replacement only the LED of standby worked, after the replacement does not light up. I wrote that only the hard drive seem to receive power (just for 2-3 seconds, than it turn off) because it's the only thing that make some noise. the serial number is W88278V9YJX. The battery indicator work fine.


This is the logic board replaced


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