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The Dell XPS 15-L502X laptop was manufactured by Dell Inc. It was released in 2011 with a 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ processor.

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How to fix vertical lines on the display (without replacing it)

After a fall on the ground my Dell XPS 15-L502X shows vertical lined on the display.

100% sure it's loose contacts in the panel.

I only found guides online to change the panel, I didn't find a guide of tearing the panel down and fixing it. It's the 1080p variant.

Any advice? The laptop is soon 5 years old, but has a new battery and SSD and has lot of life in it still.

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Doc Greene from your description it sounds like the tabs have failed. There is no repair for it that can be done by the DIY'er. You'll have to replace the screen to fix it.

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What if I'm crazy and desperate enough to try?


Okay, so we need some images of what your screen currently displays. Then we'll need the number of your screen to see who the manufacturer is.


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