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Laptop says it's plugged in but not charging! Laptop isn't charging!

Okay, so the problem started a week ago. My Samsung Series 3 np355v5c-a01ub laptop which I bought around 2 years ago is refusing to charge its battery. The battery signal says it's plugged in but not charging. I have tried everything, from taking out the battery, booting it with AC power alone, uninstalling the Microsoft battery thingy from device manager. Furthermore, before my laptop stopped charging, I received strange messages stating I should change my battery. Also, I think the battery life had decreased significantly over the two years.

Would changing the battery fix this problem, or is it a software problem? I read somewhere this could be a mechanical problem i.e. some wire or something actually obstructing the charging mechanism probably caused by overheating, etc.

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Having this same problem with a Samsung NP370R5E. It sees the battery, but doesn't charge it.

Tried numerous tips, like draining the battery and removing the ACPI device driver. All did not help.

Replaced it with a no-name brand battery, but that too doesn't solve the charging issue.

Tried to find schematics of the motherboard but haven't found this specific model yet.


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If it’s not charging you either need a new battery or a new cord. The battery could be not charging because it’s too old or broken. The cord could be broken internally or not all the way back in the input

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Thanks for your suggestions Norwolf.

The cord is fine, because the laptop works when it's plugged in. When I remove the cord, it shuts down because the battery has been drained and doesn't charge.

When I replaced the battery, same thing: laptop worked on the remaining charge, but when that too was drained, I needed the cord to keep the laptop working.

Also, Windows 10 is happily telling me I have a battery, a cord plugged in, but it is not charging. Unfortunately it doesn't tell me why it is not charging.

Hence, I suspect the charging circuit on the motherboard.

Continuing my search for schematics so I can diagnose that part.


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