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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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When you move the LCD it turns off

I am having a problem like this video:

I wonder, could be some cable that is with problem or the LCD is with a problem?

Thank you. And How Can I Solve that?

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Your display data cable needs to be replaced. Remove the battery and give us the exact information on your MacBook so we can direct you to the correct parts and directions for installation.

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So My Macbook Model is MB403LLA

Here are some information:

Model Name: MacBook

Model Identifier: MacBook4,1

Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo

Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz

Number Of Processors: 1

Total Number Of Cores: 2

L2 Cache: 3 MB

Memory: 4 GB

Bus Speed: 800 MHz



I can't find the repair guide on iFixit so take a look at this:


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