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Fourth generation wireless keyboard made by Apple. Released in October 2015. Model A1644.

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which style scissor-switch is used in the Magic keyboard?


I currently have a A1314 model Wireless keyboard with some of the keys replaced by black ones from a MBP keyboard.

I was wondering what kind of scissor-switches (vertical or horizontal, or just completely different) the Magic keyboard uses.

The A1314 uses the same scissor-switches as the MBP, but it's rotated 90 degrees. So not usuable. only the bottom row + the ones on the left/right are replaceable.

I'm asking this, because i would like to replace all (or most) keys by black ones. And before i spend 120$ on a keyboard while my current one is fully functioning, i thought, well let's ask ifixit.


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@ the two answers about the tear down

yeah i did view the teardown. apparently i overlooked that whole section.. weird that i didn't see it the first time.


the problem is; the teardown of the A1644 keyboard and the new macbook 12" is showing different keys. i can't compare those two together if it's possible to swap keycaps..


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Did you review the IFIXIT tear down? Here's a link to it: Magic Keyboard Teardown.

From what is states it's a new mechanism still different than what Apple has used before.

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iFixIt has a teardown of the magic keyboard showing the scissors in Step 11. They're vertical, not sure if they'll fit what you have though. Check it out to get a better idea:

Magic Keyboard Teardown

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