Asus ep121 backlight not working.

Bought a Asus EP121 slate, however had a problem, the backlight does not work screen. I thought it might be the flex cable as countless similar cases, but nothing happened, so think it was the screen, bought a screen and replaces, but the problem persists, what else can it be ?! thank you.

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I had the same issue.. bought a new screen from China (since thats where theyre originally made and where ASUS gets them) and if I remember correctly it didnt work. I then bought another motherboard and then it worked, and it was back to normal.. sort of(has an issue where the screen was recognizing the eraser end of the digitizer but not the writing end, and also the very bottom of the screen.. about a quarter inch of the whole bottom was unresponsive to touch.) So this tells me its not the display that was faulty, but the motherboard.. and theres a fuse on the motherboard for the backlight, but I have yet to locate it since theres not much documentation on the motherboard itself about the fuses.. I didnt see any burned fuses either. I bought the mobo for around $70 and the display for $90. Now I connect to it remotely if i need to use it for something which is rare.. If I get it to work again it would just be a high-end ebook reader since I have good Desktop now. If you need to use it now.. just get a bright flashlight and aim it at the screen.. you'll be able to see enough to navigate it to grab files and turn on remote desktop sharing.

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