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Why is my touch unresponsive after water damage repair?

i have a water damaged iphone 6, did the alcohol repair cleaned motherboard replaced lcd and everything seemed to work fine but after the phone finally boots on there is no touch what so ever but the picture is perfectly fine, tried multiple updates and restores but still no response from the touch at all..... can you shed any light on my situation

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The digitizer on the screen has been damaged, or the digitizer connector has been damaged. Typically, the contact points where you connect the digitizer on the motherboard can get corrosion making your touch screen non-responsive. I would try another screen on your phone. If the touch screen is non-responsive, then where the digitizer connects to the motherboard is the problem. Which just may need some extra careful cleaning or it could be corroded beyond repair. Test a new screen though!

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I have cleaned all the connections and flex cables and I have tried about five different screens they all show picture perfectly fine but still the touch is unresponsive


use a magnifying glass to examine the digitizer connection to make sure it has all its pins have you tried the screen in another phone ?


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