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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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2008 mac pro won't boot up

tried safe boot, booting from disk... from backup drives... nothing works.

the screen freezes on the apple logo...

is the motherboard fried?

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I tried resetting the PRAM and SMC, the machine went into a cycle of powering up to the Apple Logo then shutting down... then powering up again!


What are the diagnostic lights telling you?


I am having very similar problems to my MacPro3,1. I have been chasing rabbits down foxholes for the last three days trying to figure out if it's RAM, hard drive, software, malware or power supply. I've reset NVRAM, tried to reset SMC(not sure if it worked), ran TechToolPro which passed every test, tried to run Apple Hardware Test which would not run no matter what I tried, I'm currently cloning my boot drive so I can do an OS reinstall. Next I will pull components out of the machine to see if that helps. Did you do any of this Henry?

If anyone has any further input to these symptoms, please I'm dying here. Clients are going nuts


First take it back to the original configuration, sans RAM upgrades and external upgrades.


Thx Mayer. Don't know if I can do that. It shipped with a pathetic 2 x 1GB RAM which has long since been discarded. Don't know if I still have them. Also, would I need to roll back to OS X 10.5 Leopard which is what it shipped with ? Original configuration? Will pull the aftermarket video card out though see if that makes a difference


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This sounds like you have a bad hard drive, or a bad boot environment. Try this link to reset your PRAM and SMC here: Resetting PRAM and SMC. I would also try to boot your machine off of a CD if you can.

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just reinstall the mac os using external usb having os bootable or

1. turn off ur mac

2. power on while holding command and r keys simultaneously, this will boot ur mac in recovery mode

3. follow steps on screen and ensure are connected to the internet

if that doesn't work

replace HDD or connecting cables as d case may demand

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Ha..ha..ha..I know this is not funny at all. I have this mac pro early 2008 for more than 6 years and it is still working hard till today.

Did you guys check the two small buttom battries that sit quietly on mother/ logic board, usually unseen behind the graphic card? Mostly, this is the main culprit! I had some experiences with the s/s above that being resolved after replacing them with the new one. To be safe, replace them every 2-3 years and check its surface contact for any sign of humidity or oxidation.

The 2nd possibility is new inserted RAM or maybe the RAM is death. But this rarely cause the symtoms you describe above. Just check on system information about RAM.

Then, this one is not easily solved or tracked. You may have accidentally download/ run incompatible software (software conflict) or deleted the important one. Just think what you have done recently with your Mac and search the culprit one by one.

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Ps: My main s/s (symptoms and signs) are .....

1. sometimes my mac pro will turn-on normally, run normally for one-two hours, turn-off normally then,.....minutes or hours later or on the next day, it cannot be turn-on at all, or it will re-boot several times, or will re-boot automatically after several minutes being normal, will freeze/hang out at all that make me to force re-boot (push and hold the start button). Sometimes, it will suddently " turn grey" / black" and tell me to force re-boot.

These circles can occured for days or weeks with normal in between. The first caught me for weeks but the second for days. On the second time, the battrey is "normal capacity" when checked (not hight), but the problems disappeared.


So if is the 2nd one how do I go about fixing?


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