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Stud finder won't calibrate. Why?

The instructions say to hold it against the wall, button pressed until the beep and light turn off. I've tried up to five minutes. I've checked the variables; wall thickness, location even different apartments. It still won't calibrate!

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Try fresh batteries? What happens when you try it *not* pressed against a surface. If you just purchased it, consider returning it.


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I can think of a few I've run into here are 3:

1) you are over a metal strip on the stub meant to protect wiring underneath.

2)there are no stubs, some construction materials are plastic, cardboard, styrofoam or simply not there defying good construction common sense.

3) duct work is behind wall.

My neighbor is a master carpenter & does finishing work. We talk about crappy construction we see all the time. And without seeing your project it is impossible to get specific.

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