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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 that was released on September 19, 2014. Model Numbers: A1549, A1586, and A1589

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Operating system crashing as well as Apps, occasional cellular loss

Iphone 6

After updating to IOS 9.2.1 I noticed my phone was crash happy,but only to a minor annoyance. I lived with it. Weeks later and the cellular goes out (searching) and I end up having to do a reset from the phone ( Itunes wouldn't cooperate) I finish this and phone comes back with cellular, but its still crashing (crashes to apple symbol, but not a full restart.. its quick restart)

I get home make a backup, and do a restore, first problem is the phone cant use the backup I had made, tells me it was corrupt. I install as new phone, phone boots up and says it cant activate through itunes. This requires me to do a restore again but this time as a new phone.

Anyhow.. Cut to the chase, this phone has been crashing a lot, both in apps and in operating system. The only other symptom is the cellular loss that occasionally happens. Another new symptom was I was using GPS to find the AT&T store and on a prompt it froze, and was flashing back and fourth, couldn't get off the screen, just had to hard reset)

I will also say, this phone was never dropped, dunked or jailbroke. I also tried to restore back to 9.2.0 and Itunes would not allow me even though I used the official file from them. The amount of restores Ive gone through on this phone leads me to believe its hardware.

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Ive been having another thought. I wonder if its my version of ios 9.2.1 that is corrupt. I did it through the phone on its own. But this may be something I need to ask Apple. Maybe all the restores are not doing anything but leaving the potentially corrupted 9.2.1 alone and just wiping it clean of settings and files.


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Bring it to a dealer where they can comm with your phone during same procedures. Warning, you may be looking at an irreparable problem. It may have moisture damage from going in & out of doors.

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I do not have a Apple Store in my area, I do have an Simply Mac. I might try them, though the google ratings for my local one scare me haha. Personally I do not think its from moisture. On my iphone case I opted for one that protects the bottom lighting port from pocket lint etc. Not a waterproof case but still better than nothing.


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