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The Garmin Vivoactive is a GPS smartwatch that includes sports apps for tracking activities, notifications, calories, and sleep. This watch incorporates features for both active and working environments.

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Vivoactive won't stay connected to phone

I have had my watch for 3 months and never had a problem until now. It constantly connects and disconnects to my LG 3 phone, even with my phone next to it. This causes the battery to run down significantly and data wont sync. I have removed Connect app and reinstalled, run updates to Connect, re-paired my phone and watch, updated OS on my phone and nothing works! Any other suggestions?

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Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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Doing a full phone restore just to fix one app sounds excessive.


I agree. I'll send the darn thing back first.


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Have you tried backing up your phone, ( using the phone's backup feature), doing a factory reset, then connecting the watch to the phone and seeing if it works properly?

If it does, restore the phone (with the phone's restore feature), using the backup that you created earlier. Then you may possibly have to reconnect the watch to the phone again. You might find that the problem has now returned.

If it hasn't and it is still working properly, hopefully it has been resolved.

If it has, can you recall installing any new apps around about the time that the problem started? If not, in any case, you will now have to find out which app is causing the problem.

''If it doesn't '' can you try using the watch with a different phone to prove whether it is the phone or the watch that is causing the problem?

If it is the watch, given that it is only 3 months old, check the warranty statement in the user guide, verify your warranty period is still valid and then follow the instructions on how to claim a warranty repair/replacement for the watch.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Thank you so much! Found out it is problem with new droid OS upgrade to Marshmallow, only affected by LG G3 so far.


Aprynsess2 I have the same issue with my LG G3 what was your solution you used to fix it?


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