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rear heater keeps running even though the vehicle is off.

The rear heater resistor is supposedly bad, how do I change out this part.

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Hi, What year and model is your vehicle? Also are you referring to the rear window demister or is there a separate heater in the rear of your vehicle? Also bit confused by your 'keeps running even though the vehicle is off'. Is the control for the demister? /heater? off and it still works or is the ignition switched off and it still works, please clarify exactly what the problem is?


Rear heating and cooling gmc envoy xl 2003. The fan runs with ignition on, removed the fuse.


The system is located in the rear right area


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Hi Scott,

Below is a quote, among others, from this link which describes the fix for your GMC Envoy XL, as well as other GMCs with a similar problem.

You may be able to find the part cheaper somewhere else. This is just to show what may be the problem with your vehicle.

This is the fix for those of you whose rear AC fans run on after shutting the car off. I installed it in a 2003 GMC Envoy, but it is a replacement for many GM models. It is mounted on the external side of the rear AC unit and is a pain to get at, but worked like a charm once installed.

Hopefully it is of some help.

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2004 is my vehicle once trim is out of the way and you find the module(don't look,cause you can it w/out a mirror}Break the screws loose with a1/4 ratchet and a 1/4 socket with a t-15 bit.Once loose, take a 1/4 socket holder clip off the rail and use it to finish removing screw.Makes it a littler easier Use w/strip glue to hold screw on t-15 . be patient an don't drop anything cause its a ##&&% to retrieve without a pencil magnet. Good luck{its not as bad as looks!}


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