Mid 2013 revision to the Xbox 360 line of game consoles, featuring 4 USB ports and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Green dot on XBOX, but nothing shows on the TV?


My XBOX 360 is out of warranty - so I cannot send it to Microsoft. Basically, the problem is that, while the green light does come on when turning on the XBOX, nothing shows on the screen, and it turns of after 5 or so minutes automatically. Do note that it was working just last week - with the same setup and television. I also tried to change the HDMI cable, but it has not made a difference. If it helps, the DVD drive (?) still opens - I noticed on some threads that they would not open.

Please advise,


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What is its history


Hi, what do you mean? I bought it two years ago


Hi, Have you proved that the HDMI port(s) on the TV are working by connecting another device that uses HDMI?


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My XBOX 360 E does that if I'm on the wrong channel. Did you double check your input selection on your TV? Have you tried plugging it into a different device (i.e. a monitor or another TV)? If it still doesn't work with a different display device, then there seems to be a problem with the XBOX's video card recognizing that you're connected to a display device. Did you try the component cables that came with the XBOX in your TV? If it works with the component cables, then it is just a problem with only the HDMI port on your XBOX, not the entire video card. If it is the display adapter, then you'll need to replace the whole motherboard, since it's integrated. At that point, you'd probably be better off with buying a new 360 or a One. There's a repair guide for the 360 E here that you'll need to use to replace the motherboard if you chose to go that route.

Hope this helps!

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