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Laptop screen and TV screen won't display at same time with HDMI

I installed an HDMI cable to my laptop (Dell Inspiron P09E) for video playing. I can make videos play on the P09E screen or on the TV, but not on both at the same time. I have tried Extend and Duplicate without success.

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go to control panel > appearance and personalization > display > screen resolution.

then choose duplicate display or extend display depending on which you would prefer

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Thank you for the info about simultaneous screens from laptop to TV using HDMI, but I couldn't

get your instructions to work on Windows 10. Do you have specific instructions for Windows 10?

I believe this would have been any easy fix on earlier Windows. Thank you,


i just upgraded to windows 10. let me get back to you


press the start key > click settings> choose display

it should be there or possibly under advanced display settings but i dont have my other monitor hooked up right now so the option is not available for me. ill check when i get home tonight


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